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What do you do when you come across a key to success in a book you're reading? You ponder over it. Since I read many books and come across many keys, I thought it would be fun to share the ideas that arise as I contemplate a key to success. Reading is not just about absorbing information, it's also about contemplating, allowing the ideas to blossom within, and nurturing a seed tossed in the rich soil of the inner garden.

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I got my Master's degree in psychotherapy more than a decade ago. Since then I've studied the human condition with fascination. Over the years, I've learned a singular lesson: your life does not work when you oppose your soul nature. If you want a magical life, you have to drop your inauthentic transactions with the world. You discover your own power when you spend time alone to figure out what you really love to do.

Monday, February 21, 2005

The Circular Blame Game

Mike, his feet dangling above the city, opened his lunch box and groaned.

Todd, his friend, a fellow construction worker on the high-rise, pretended that he hadn't heard the groan.

Rick, more aggressive, asked, “Is it peanut butter and jelly again, Mike?”

“Yeah,” said Mike, his voice heavy with frustration.

“Listen,” said Todd, “You've been complaining about your sandwiches for weeks now.”

“Right,” chipped in Rick. “Why don't you just do something about it?”

“Sure,” said Mike, sarcastically, and tossed away his sandwiches. He watched them make a lazy arc above the city and disappear from view.

“Now you're going to go hungry for the rest of the day,”said Rick. “It wasn't a smart move.”

“Listen,” said Todd, “I'm sick of hearing you bellyache every day. Why don't you just tell your old lady that you don't like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.”

“What old lady?” asked Mike, surprised.

Todd and Rick glanced at each other. It was their turn to be surprised. “Come again?” they said in unison.

“I don't have an old lady. I'm single.”

“Who makes your sandwiches?” asked Todd.

“I do,” said Mike.

In this amusing story, we see something that almost everyone does. They blame circumstances and other people--for what they do to themselves. Because of the element of time between cause and effect, they forget that they did this to themselves.

People complain about their jobs; yet, they are the ones who agreed to be hired on.

They complain about their spouse or their friends. Yet they chose to be with these people.

They complain about their bank account, luck, or any other misery that they're experiencing. Yet they brought all those circumstances into creation.

So, unless a person decides to accept responsibility for where they're at and what's happening to them, things will continue to escalate out of control.

Change happens when we decide to make a different kind of sandwich.

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Saleem Rana got his masters in psychotherapy from California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, Ca., 15 years ago and now resides in Denver, Colorado. His articles on the internet have inspired over ten thousand people from around the world. Discover how to create a remarkable life

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Blogger successcmc said...

We Sincerely Desire Your Financial Independence and Will Do All That We Can to Help You Achieve Success!

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