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What do you do when you come across a key to success in a book you're reading? You ponder over it. Since I read many books and come across many keys, I thought it would be fun to share the ideas that arise as I contemplate a key to success. Reading is not just about absorbing information, it's also about contemplating, allowing the ideas to blossom within, and nurturing a seed tossed in the rich soil of the inner garden.

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I got my Master's degree in psychotherapy more than a decade ago. Since then I've studied the human condition with fascination. Over the years, I've learned a singular lesson: your life does not work when you oppose your soul nature. If you want a magical life, you have to drop your inauthentic transactions with the world. You discover your own power when you spend time alone to figure out what you really love to do.

Monday, July 17, 2006

How To Have How To Have the Best Possible Job Without Lifting One Extra Finger

Sally was in the office, bored out of her mind. Her boss had gone home two hours earlier and there had been no work since. She was also nearly in tears.

As the personal assistant over the years to the General Manager of Ace Shipping Services, her job duties had expanded over the years.

This was mainly due to the rapid turnover in the company.

Somebody had to fill in the gap—make sure the phones are answered, the letters to clients written, the customer service complaints handled, and sometimes even the service of the company pitched to another business.

Once in a while, she even had to make personal delivery.

Today, her boss, Steven Allen had yelled at her. Not really yelled, just raised his voice slightly.

Yelling was what he did to the others. Still, she was perturbed.

Yes, she did understand what was going on. The company had just lost another major contract because it had not delivered on time. Again, they had been short on help. Filipe, the new guy, had not shown up after his third day at work.

Yes, she had made some embarrassing mistakes in spelling and dispatched the apology letter off to the client in haste—thus confirming to the world at large the incompetence of Ace.

She sighed…some days, she wished she had a better job.

A delivery man came in with a letter and asked her to sign for it.

She was about to just put it on Steve’s desk when she noticed it was addressed to her.

Intrigued, especially since nobody ever wrote to her, she immediately tore it open.

Dear Sally:

I'm writing to offer you the best possible job. You can apply for this job without lifting one extra finger.

You may not have been aware of this opportunity before because you’ve probably been looking in the wrong place.

You’ve probably been looking at the place you go to do something that will give you enough money to pay your bills.

That’s your job in the country you live in. It’s your job in this world.

But you’re not just a citizen of a small part of the planet.

You’re a citizen of the universe.

And I'd like to offer you a job that we offer to all our citizens.

It's a job that is really exciting and pays the big money and offers all the perks.

Your job in the universe is to ASK for what you want.

You do this asking through thoughts and words. And if you really want to escalate things, you can do it through actions, too.

Our universal fulfillment house then directly drop-ships your order to your address.

Now, if you’re one of these people who like to go the extra mile, there is another aspect of your job, too.

When you get your order shipped, give thanks and be joyful.

That’s part of your job, too.

It’s a little tougher to do, no doubt. But somebody has to do it, right? And it might as well be you.

At your service,

Universal Services, Inc.

P.S. We’re looking forward to your next order.

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