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What do you do when you come across a key to success in a book you're reading? You ponder over it. Since I read many books and come across many keys, I thought it would be fun to share the ideas that arise as I contemplate a key to success. Reading is not just about absorbing information, it's also about contemplating, allowing the ideas to blossom within, and nurturing a seed tossed in the rich soil of the inner garden.

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I got my Master's degree in psychotherapy more than a decade ago. Since then I've studied the human condition with fascination. Over the years, I've learned a singular lesson: your life does not work when you oppose your soul nature. If you want a magical life, you have to drop your inauthentic transactions with the world. You discover your own power when you spend time alone to figure out what you really love to do.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Take arms against a sea of misfortune

Difficulties happen to everyone. It is how you choose to respond that helps you emerge victorious despite the yawning jaws of defeat that may suddenly seem to appear out of nowhere, like a sudden shark infestation.

Everyone has had financial challenges, feelings of frustration, a disempowering job and disappointing relationships at some point. But you can still win, by simply choosing to take on that attitude.

Focus on solutions. Set aside the heavy emotions of despair that comes to undermine you, and, instead, focus on solutions. Ask, “What is my lesson here?” “How can I emerge stronger?” “If I can crack this problem, I’ll never have to visit with it again.”

We all experience frustration, fear, shame, or guilt. It comes with the package. But, through choice, you can also indulge in empowering emotions—determination, resolution, courage, a belief in your dreams when no one else cares.

You can choose your emotions. You can convert emotions of despair, into an emotion of will and determination to overcome. Think of what it is costing you if you don’t control the quality of your emotion.

Stay in control. Don’t let life knock you over. As the bard said, “take arms against a sea of troubles, and thus opposing end them.”

Be the hero of your own life. Build wealth, build health, build harmonious relationships, and above all, build an invincible belief in your will to overcome.

Victory in life does not go to the weak, the frightened, or the forlorn; it goes to those who turn these natural reactions into their opposite.

So, the next time you feel yourself becoming emotional overwhelmed by a painful circumstance,think of the consequences of fighting back. Spend your time, money, and
energy to fight the problem and not to lose yourself to the problem. I would encourage you to spend your time seeking out immediate solutions rather than reviewing the angst. You will be better off – and that’s a personal promise!

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